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My daughter, Christine, as a child. She was always helping other children, and years later, thousands of adults (prisoners and the poor) through her nationwide humanitarian work. She has since childhood been loving and compassionate toward others, as Jesus taught. … Continue reading

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Fear is a very contagious demonic virus. Avoid those sick ones who would infect you with their fear disease…pandemic throughout the world. Have faith in your Father’s love for you…He would not have you suffer.

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It is very beautiful and wonderful how a child is a genetic blend of the characteristics of both parents…and a spiritual mystery why that soul chose THEM to be its father and mother. Parents should receive with gratitude and joy … Continue reading

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The person under the control of their ego is COMPELLED to attack others, verbally and physically. This is the basic snake nature of the ego, being spiritually insane. You will know their heart by their behavior.

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Twilight…tired, resting on the deck after working around my cabin. Dark blue and black clouds. Forest still and silent. High hills across the river to my left, Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains to my right. 73 years and … Continue reading

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Would you play in a “game” which had no rules, no logic, and no possibility of winning? No?…But you do this if you take this dark world seriously. The world believes love is irrelevant and impossible…therefore the world is meaningless.

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Always express your appreciation to EVERYONE who helps you. Everyone deserves your recognition, respect, and gratitude…do not neglect to TELL them. It is Christ who helps you through them…you thank Him when you thank them.

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