You may have dreamed of being financially wealthy, its freedom and blessings. But realize your true wealth. Can you see the beautiful flowers, the forest, and the sky? The blind always live in darkness, seeing nothing. Can you hear the birds singing, the wind in the trees, and the rain falling? The deaf always live in silence, hearing nothing. Do you have someone who loves you and is always there to help you? There are those who are alone in the world with no one who personally knows and cares about them. Be grateful to God for your true wealth. It far exceeds in value financial wealth and possessions.

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You may be feeling much stress and unhappiness; people, work, and the noise of the world. Go into solitude somewhere in stillness and silence. Solitude, meditation, and prayer, not people and incessant activity. Your burden will be lifted from you. Peace.

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” … though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow …” (Isaiah 1:18 KJV).

It is impossible for you to undo all the mistakes you have made against others and God … the harm you have caused. But you are not hopeless. Jesus Christ is your atonement. Confess your regret and repentance to Him. You will receive his redemptive forgiveness. You are spiritually born again. Go and do no more evil. Always love others in every circumstance.

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Human conception…a beautiful and wonderful miracle. Another child of God begins to develop its body, preparing to enter the world to share its unique personality and gifts with others. It wants to live, grow, and be happy. Parents, rejoice! You are privileged to co-create with God. Give your unconditional love to your child. You will be blessed in your life as you bless this little one.

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You may meet a person today…perhaps several. It is the working of the Holy Spirit. No encounter is meaningless. It is always holy and meant for good. Child of God, you have free will to choose to give and receive the blessings in it.

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“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7, KJV).

Help, not judge if the person is “worthy.” Forgive, not condemn the other. Love, not hate your enemy. Be merciful toward everyone. You will receive mercy as you give it.

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You may have a serious medical condition. Disturbing and very discouraging. Nevertheless, have courage and be strong. Entreat the Holy Spirit. Purify your heart…love unconditionally. Create the good around you. Believe in miracles…you are entitled.

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